About Project Poetry

“Now is the time for you to be listening more, talking less, spend time observing, taking in media and art created by people of color, researching, and unlearning the things you have been taught about this country. You should be reading our books and understanding the roots of racism and white supremacy. Listening to our speeches.

You should be drowning yourselves in our poetry.”

-ShiShi Rose: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOkvckuDi1j/

I’m taking in the art of people of color. This is where I write about it. Check out the first entry, In Which I Seek Water, for a little more background.

Note: I am not a critic. I make no pretense to having great insights about these works. I don’t promise to write about each one comprehensively, or even coherently. My purpose is just to engage with art, see what happens, and write about that experience. There may be as much ow and huh? as there is oh.

Other note: I have a lot of learning to do and I may step all over these topics in ways I will regret once I understand more. If I’ve made a mistake and you feel inclined to offer feedback, I will do my best to welcome it.