Black Violin: 1

One of my colleagues was playing “A Flat” in his classroom this morning. Look at these guys! Listen! Total joy. I determined I’d check out Black Violin when I got home.


“Stereotypes” was the first song I found when I googled them tonight. Right at the end of that piece, one of the players says this in a voice-over:

“I feel like when I walk into an elevator, there’s four-five other people in there … maybe they’re not afraid, but they’re on notice. …

The reason I smile onstage is, like, I know I’m completely crushing people’s perceptions of not only what a violin could do or what music could possibly sound like, but also what a Black man is capable of.”


I don’t know about y’all, but that gave me a little rush. That’s exactly what I mean to do here. I’m trying to crush my own perceptions by exposing them, little by little, to art I might not otherwise have encountered.


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