I just meant to listen to the album, and then the film started, and I was going to watch it for a minute and then get bored and stop because I have the attention span of a small child for anything on the computer that isn’t facebook, and I was never going to admit I didn’t finish… Continue reading Lemonade

Negroland: 3

I finished Negroland. I didn’t really connect with it. I already wrote about a lot of reasons that could be, and here’s one final possibility: some of the characteristics Jefferson identifies in herself– a tendency toward melancholy or depression, self-indulgence, an insistence on impeccability that borders on self-destructive– are characteristics I share. It’s a bit painful to watch another person walk through… Continue reading Negroland: 3

Negroland: 2

I just got that I’m also alienated from this book by a generation. Jefferson does not trouble herself to be relatable to people who don’t immediately relate– she doesn’t center me in any way, which we already know from Between the World and Me I find tricky– and that includes cultural references. Negroland is full of names… Continue reading Negroland: 2